Project Releases

Also Codachrome EP Cover 1080px.jpg

GrandAce’s fifth EP is set to take the world by storm. The Project channels his troubles battling existential doubt combined with his background in film through his unique perspective, creating a world of its own.

Also Codachrome EP

Feel Good EP

GrandAce’s fourth EP encapsulating a bright outlook on a melancholy situation. The body of work is an imperative manifestation inviting in new and positive energy. Released from his dorm room two weeks after Colors in the Office on his birthday, this project is his form of self-healing.

GrandAce Feel Good Finished 2000.jpg

GrandAce Colors in the Office.jpg

GrandAce’s third EP wraps all of his frustration and anxiety into a documented package detailing internal struggles for peace. While moving away from this headspace, it was important that the moment of time experience was documented as it was not without it’s high points and determination to be better.

Colors in the office EP