Where the Sol at?

Got some new heat out! Something to vibe to.




Well since the moment that I first stepped outside
I had three lives and  
I relate them equally
to the three eyes I keep away in guise
yet those Things that get crashed
Create my laughing stock
world amassed
Harassed in shock  
Been told its the truth  
there were better times anyway
Grab a glass of water
army'd up as if I'd stay
Sitting on the bench cause I dont play no games
if harassed for acting childish prepare to catch flame  
i prefer the times when breezes hit the faces cooler  
Not the rays on display, given chase
By the faceless ruler
How is that enough?  
As long as we're sitting in soaked clothes, 
 know my patience up
I know whats up 

Sol sol where the soul at
Find sol sol where the soul at  
that soul soul where the soul at
That sol sol
 that sol sol

These ebony t shirts
You seem hurt  
Shout out to losers who could find the way to leave work
Point blank. I quit the day earlier than most
Its best to sit back and joke in the comfort of a fan  
With a fan
On some natives land
Disrespect some thieves.  
I put a ban on taxes. plan.
But thats a marketing scam
So i contend with the big shots in the rolling chairs
Off on a dare expect the world to kill the morning air
Ivory stained  
Mark on the wall  
cream of the crop  
Best lookin out for ya'll
Too soon in a hurse
Made to pass
reading all the signs  
Callem don, livin last  

I always fought and then i listened to you
steady trippin, Undercover business with you
They say I had a finger from this black hand to you
but the summers just okay when im missing you