Must be familiar.

Not Necessarily news but let's be real: 

I'm sure everyone has that point when they're up at 2am just pondering their life's work and works while listening to that song that just tears at your heart strings. Not necessarily a sad moment, but just a small interval of neutrality where you're torn between feeling satisfied and restless. It's quite the feeling. I consider myself to be an artist, through and through, and one of the most enjoyable things to most artists other than "arting" is watching others consume and enjoy their work. Ironically as an artist, one of the hardest things to get people to do is acknowledge the existence of your work. The medium of art doesn't matter; odds are there's going to be a period where the content that you produce is actually in your eyes pretty decent, but few will pay attention, so you re-brand and re-strategize trying to figure out where you went wrong, when in many cases you didn't. It's all a part of the process.

While getting that instant credit and attention appears nice at first, I realized that you never get the chance to evolve as onlooker as the world slowly begins to judge your creations. Bringing in Economics, It's the same situation as a wealthy individual that earns a dollar versus a poor man that earns a dollar. The individual with the larger amount of wealth isn't able to appreciate the addition to their worth as much the poor individual because their marginal utility (additional Satisfaction as a result of an additional unit) is lower. When you grind for what you have and who you have, you appreciate them more and you view your circumstance as being more valuable than if it were just granted from the get go. The work we do is not in vain if we stay focused. The world needs art and the world needs whatever you do that makes you a dope individual. But enough of my raving, Struggle a little; It'll make a better you. 


Stay Dope. 




Song enjoyed while writing: Altutra - MiddleEast